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St Matthew's Easter Billboard - Wednesday 20th March 2013


St Matthew-in-the-City put up their Easter billboard today.  It depicts Jesus on the cross with the question “Is resigning an option?”

Pope Benedict’s decision to resign caused an international stir.  While we, from our outsider’s perspective, think his decision was a wise and even courageous one considering the history and tradition of his context, it got us thinking about things from which we can’t resign.

On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ crucifixion.  It was not a role that he could resign from.  Jesus' faithfulness to loving and including society's rejects got him killed.  Such faithfulness is not something one resigns from, for it's not a job.

Vicar, Glynn Cardy: “The cross reminds us of the cost of confronting the political power holders regarding how they exclude the marginal and vulnerable.”

Jesus was faithful to a vision.  Even when it cost him his life.

Peter [New York City (USA)] 22 Mar 2013 07:43:52
“It is finished.”(1) Jesus’ last word from the cross, that is what I think of seeing this billboard image.
Crucified, it is never more evident that Jesus Christ is fully God and Fully human.
His suffering is real.
In this moment, as in every moment of Jesus’ life, we find a way to be fully human in His example.
Being fully human by imitating Christ.
By taking the life of Jesus to heart and finding a way, in great things and small, to live a Christocentric life, a humble version of His.
Jesus was without sin and we are all sinners, aren’t we? Bearing this in mind, we should live our life with humility and hopefully embrace the lives of others with charity: How Christ-like am I, how Christ-like is he or she?
How today, right now, is your life the expression of the love, forgiveness, charity, faith, hope, mercy, and peace of Christ crucified?
How is it that Jesus, humiliated, betrayed, falsely accused and convicted, scourged, and crucified, was at peace when He died, saying, “It is finished.” His last word in His Passion?
Jesus Christ had resigned himself to living His life to fulfill His Father’s plan.
He had done all He could, He had chosen rightly, He had fought the Good Fight and lived His life to fulfill God’s plan, in resigning Himself to this, he found peace amidst suffering.
So how in our imitation of Christ do we resign ourselves?
Are we living a life that would let us offer the same prayer at the moment of our death, “It is finished.”? (2)

(1) John 19:30
(2) Two books to consider reading and praying with: “Can You Drink the Cup?” by Henri Nouwen ( and “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a Kempis (

James [Canterbury] 25 Mar 2013 23:43:53
If Jesus was only killed for political reasons I have no hope. But the scriptures testify about how through his death Gods righteous anger was propitiated. He is the perfect offering and perfect high priest. SDG

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