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  St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican Church 187 Federal Street (Corner of Hobson & Wellesley) Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand    » »

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This is the site map. » »


Let us revere, let us worship, but erect and open-eyed, the highest, not the lowest; the future, not the past! Charlotte Perkins Gilman   Worship Times    » »


Physical location: Corner of Hobson & Wellesley Postal Address: 187 Federal Street Auckland 1001 Aotearoa New Zealand Phone +64 (0)9 379 » »

Parish Life

St Matthew-in-the-City is a busy and lively place.  In addition to being a house of worship, it is also a venue for weddings and a wide range of community events.  » »


Our Mission St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican Church Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand sees herself as being a progressive Anglican church with a heart for the city and an eye to the world. The » »

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